National AIDS Council, 2010. 121 p.
Papua New Guinea. National AIDS Council
This implementation Framework is a companion document to the National HIV and AIDS Strategy, designed to guide partners with how they go about implementing the Strategy. Itásets out the major activity areas that need to be implemented for a particular strategic objective to be achieved. In addition to setting out major activity areas, the NHS Implementation Framework specifies: An indicator for each strategic objective; Five year targets for each indicator, wherever possible; A baseline for each target, wherever possible; Which sectors are responsible for implementation; Current status of planning, implementation and funding mobilisation. The key purpose of the Implementation Framework is to guide the development of Annual HIV Activity Plans (AAPs) by each partner (all partners from community based organisations (CBOs) to government departments). The NHS Implementation Framework is the link that provides direction to all partners on how to operationalise the strategic objectives into partner level activities in their AAPs.
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