2014. 10 p.
Sang, James Kimeli
Lelan, Joseph
Korir, Susan Jelagat
Periodical title: 
International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 2-07, 37-46
HIV and AIDS is an epidemic that has remained a serious health concern across the globe for more than a quarter of a century since it was first diagnosed in 1981. This is in spite of a myriad of health education and prevention programs that have been developed and are in use. Current studies in Kenya concur that information on HIV and AIDS prevention is readily available. Focus is now on quality and policies that guide implementation of prevention education programs. This paper therefore attempts to give a detailed analysis of the HIV and AIDS curriculum that is used in Secondary Schools in Kenya. This is achieved by using Basil Bernstein’s model of Pedagogic discourse. This model entails a set of concepts and criteria which are invaluable in studying the curriculum. The classroom texts and class readers are critically analyzed using this model so as to illuminate on this curriculum.
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