2010. 17 p.
O'Connell, Lynn
Atlas, Jana
Saunders, Anita
Philbrick, Rebecca
Periodical title: 
Journal of LGBT Youth, Vol. 7 Issue 4
Sexual minority students often do not feel safe in school, especially in rural communities, and changes are needed within school environments in order to provide a safe and effective learning environment for all students. Prior to implementing school change, an investigation into the perceptions of educators in public schools in three rural New York counties was conducted. Results indicated that respondents, especially teachers, viewed sexual minority students significantly less favorably than other minority groups. Additionally, the majority of educators reported hearing homophobic speech and indicated that supports for sexual minority students were unavailable. Despite the negative school climate, however, the majority of educators indicated that they felt comfortable interacting with sexual minority students and, even more positively, were willing to learn more about the issues and needs of these students.
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