Washington, DC: World Bank, 2007. 115 p.
Rodriguez-García, Rosalía
Zall Kusek, Jody
This Handbook aims to support countries as they develop or revise their national strategy, or formulate new HIV/AIDS policies. It introduces an approach to thinking and planning that is guided by evidence and oriented towards results. The Results Cycle is an organizing framework that guides and supports both the planning process and the production of the strategy document that will guide future implementation. It is a logical approach to improving policy development and strategy planning, and thus to improving program performance. Part I, the text describes the results approach to planning strategically, which requires strategic information to be generated and used, which in turn necessitates sound monitoring and evaluation. Part II therefore includes some very brief guiding thoughts for trainers. Part III is a set of slides that further elaborates the approach, and provides examples and templates to help planners formulate national strategies and elaborate their strategy documents.
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