Futures Institute, 2007. 28 p.
Bollinger, Lori
Stover, John
Futures Institute
The World Bank developed its initial Multi-Country AIDS Program (MAP) in 1999, their program to reduce the impact and future path of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. Since that time, the landscape surrounding the epidemic has changed dramatically. Given this new information, the World Bank has decided to update its approach regarding the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and write a new strategy plan, Agenda for Action 2007-2011. This background paper will examine some of the important issues and data pertaining to this new strategy, including answering questions such as: What is the appropriate level and type of funding for different epidemic profiles in sub-Saharan Africa? Which interventions would have the most impact on the HIV/AIDS epidemic? What is the impact of increased availability of ART? What is the impact of various specific prevention interventions (e.g., condom distribution, STI treatment, programs to prevent mother-to-child transmission)? What would be realistic and compelling goals for 2007-2011?
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