Barnaul: Altay Kray Post-graduate Teacher Training Institute, 2017. 147 p.
Translated title: 
Violence prevention in educational institutions: a guide for administrators and staff of educational institutions
Glazyrina, L.
Kostenko, M.
Lopuga, E.V.
Yepoyan, T.
Altay Kray Post-graduate Teacher Training Institute
UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, IITE
2. ed.
The guide is designed for administrators and the staff of primary and secondary general education and vocational education schools. It provides information on the nature, causes and consequences of violence and bullying in schools. Based on internationally recognized approaches (including UNESCO and UN Women Global Guidance on Addressing School Related Gender-Based Violence) and Ukrainian legal framework it provides recommendations how to prevent and respond to violence and bullying, including gender-based violence and harassment in educational settings. It also provides recommendations how to create and maintain a safe and violence-free environment in schools and how to prevent discrimination of HIV-positive learners and educators. The guide has been endorsed by the ministries and departments of education of five Russian regions including the Ministry of Education of Altay region.
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