2007. 38 p.
Tajikistan. Government
In 2005 Tajikistan drafted a national development strategy for 2006-2015 designed to achieve Millennium Development Goals by 2015 including measures on harnessing the HIV prevalence and reversing the morbidity. The national regulatory framework was revised. In 2005 a new Law of the Republic of Tajikistan on the response to HIV/AIDS was adopted governing the guaranteed observation of rights for people living with HIV, free health care services and social support, implementation of comprehensive activities on the prevention of HIV transmission. The goals and objectives of further strategy for expansion up to 2010 were agreed taking into account recommendations of country meeting in January 2006 on expansion of actions enabling universal access to prophylaxis, treatment, care and support in the area of HIV/AIDS, goal of this programme is to slow down the pace of prevalence of HIV infection through ensuring universal access to prophylaxis, treatment, care and support.
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