Baltimore: Catholic Relief Services, CRS, 2008. 188 p.
United States Agency for International Development, USAID
Catholic Relief Services, CRS
This second edition of Promising Practices contains 24 case studies of promising HIV and AIDS practices from around the world. Each case study is organized in much the same way, including sections on how the project works, what the successes have been, and what lessons learned have emerged. At the end of each case study is the contact information for the relevant programs. The objectives of this publication are to: 1. Document some of the creative solutions or 'promising practices' used by CRS programs to address those affected and living with HIV and AIDS. 2. Emphasize the importance of critical thinking from program managers as they plan, assess, monitor and evaluate programs in these complex settings to ensure maximum program impact. 3. Stress that integration into existing services and based on actual needs of the beneficiaries is essential. 4. Create a forum for learning from one another's programs, successes, and lessons learned.
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