New York: Guttmacher Institute, 2007. 51 p.
Wittenberg, Jonathan
Munthali, Alister
Moore, Ann
Zulu, Eliya
Madise, Nyovani
Mkandawire, MacBain
Limbani, Felix
Darabi, Leila
Konyani, Sidon
Guttmacher Institute
This report presents key findings from a new body of research that describes the sexual and reproductive health needs of Malawi's youth. The information was gathered from young Malawians themselves through focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and a nationally representative survey on sex, relationships, marriage, HIV/AIDS and pregnancy among young women and men aged 12-19. This report discusses in detail some of the challenges in and opportunities for improving the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents in Malawi. Chapter 2 places HIV/AIDS and unintended pregnancy in context by providing an overview of the sexual behavior and relationships of young people in Malawi. Chapters 3 and 4 focus on young people's preferred sources of information and levels of knowledge about HIV/AIDS and unintended pregnancy. The potential of the formal health care sector to meet young people's sexual and reproductive health needs is the focus of Chapter 5, and Chapter 6 discusses the particular needs of specific groups of young people.
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