Geneva: UNAIDS, 1998. 12 p.
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Consensus régional sur l’amélioration de la surveillance comportementale et de la sérosurveillance face au VIH : Rapport d’une conférence régionale tenue en Afrique orientale
Pisani, Elisabeth
UNAIDS Best Practice Collection
This is a report of a regional workshop on HIV surveillance which was held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 10-13 February 1997. The workshop was attended by epidemiologists, HIV/AIDS programme managers and social scientists. Participants identified major limitations in current surveillance systems and made recommendations to improve existing systems especially in areas of monitoring and data collection. The establishment of major components of second generation systems were discussed. They underscored the importance of: 1) collecting behavioural data to inform epidemiological data; 2) producing action plans for integrating the conclusions of the workshop into surveillance activities at country level; and 3) contributing to building working partnerships between epidemiologists and behavioural scientists in East Africa.
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