World Bank, 2004. 91 p.
Mulkeen, Aidan
Chapman, David
Leu, Elizabeth
World Bank
Uganda. Secondary Education In Africa, SEIA
Academy for Educational Development, AED
Recruiting, retaining and retraining secondary school teachers and principals in Sub-Saharan Africa is based on country studies in Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Madagascar, Tanzania and Uganda and an extensive literature review. In many parts of Africa, the demand for secondary teachers substantially exceeds the supply due to factors such as secondary teacher attrition, bottlenecks in the teacher preparation system, and perceived unattractive conditions of service. Few countries have strong policies, strategies, and programs for recruiting able secondary leavers to secondary teaching. The paper suggests several critical and promising areas for improvement in the quality of secondary teachers through new approaches to recruitment; pre-service and in-service teacher development; and improvements in the deployment, utilization, compensation, and conditions of service for teachers.
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