Arusha: East African Community, 2009. 40 p.
East African Community
Revised October 2009
This strategic plan has the following objectives: 1. To enhance the institutional capacity of the EAC Secretariat so as to secure effective implementation of regional and national responses to HIV and AIDS; 2. To mainstream HIV and AIDS in the EAC Organs, institutions and Sectors; 3. To improve the effectiveness of interventions through the harmonisation of EAC Member States' HIV&AIDS protocols, policies, plans, strategies, and legislation; 4. To improve the design and management of regional responses to HIV and AIDS through the generation of, and easy access to, strategic information and knowledge on the epidemic; 5. To scale-up regional and national Reponses to HIV and AIDS through the strengthening of political leadership and commitment towards addressing the epidemic; 6. To consolidate effective partnerships among strategic partners both within and outside the EAC region in response to HIV and AIDS; 7. To improve the work environment by developing and operationalising an EAC Workplace Policy on HIV and AIDS; 8. To strengthen regional responses to mitigate the effects of vulnerabilities related to HIV and AIDS that result from internal and cross-border population mobility within the East African region through harmonized responses and interventions by various multisectoral stakeholders.
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