Dakar: UNDP, 1997. 41 p.
The Regional Project on HIV and Development for Africa was established by the UNDP Regional Bureau for Africa and the HIV and Development Programme in 1992, and is in its second phase. This document presents the current and second phase of project activities from 1997 to 2001 under RAF/97/014 which are designed to reinforce national efforts to build and strengthen internal and regional capacity at all levels. The objectives of the project are fivehold: 1) strengthen and foster the capacity of public services to develop multi-sectoral approaches to plan for, implement, and monitor national responses to HIV/AIDS; 2) draw upon the knowledge of indigenous institutions in addressing crisis situations and support these via additional resources; 3) mobilise the African voice, especially the voice of African women and people living with HIV/AIDS to express their own defined needs, experiences and responses to the epidemic; 4) support the private sector in the development of policies which address the impact of HIV and AIDS on the workplace; and 5) foster collaboration among all sectors of society and partners involved in a regional response to HIV/AIDS.
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