2003. 92 p.
Malawi. Government
This report presents the outcome of the study on the identification of critical areas for capacity replenishment in the public service. This report outlines the background to the assignment, its objectives, key challenges facing the Public Service in the delivery of core services and the main findings, observations and recommendations as well as the way forward. The study covered five selected institutions, namely; Ministries of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Food Security Education, Science and Technology, Health and Population, Water Development and the Malawi Police Service. The overall objective of the study was to enable the Government of Malawi through the Department of Human Resource Management and Development (DHRMD) to identify critical human resource capacity needs as well as the demand for UNVs in the public sector. Hence, the results are intended to help government determine informed interventions for addressing the HR needs and utilization of UNVs as a short-term measure.
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