2005. 34 p.
Nawa, Louis
Chilala, Michael M.
This is a report of the situation analysis, needs assessment and advocacy activities of the community/school linkages in HIV/AIDS carried out at Serenje Boma Basic and Kafue Day High Schools.Under coordination of the Zambia National Commission for UNESCO, Zambia was selected to take part in the School/Community linkages in HIV/AIDS whose main objective was to strengthen the links between schools and communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS. For this purpose, Serenje Boma Basic and Kafue Day High School were sampled for the programme. The three main objectives of the project were to:carry out a situation analysis on school/community linkages in HIV/AIDS in the two schools; do a needs assessment to determine the what is required for the school/community linkages to be enhanced and carry out advocacy activities for enhancement of community/school linkages in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
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