Paris: UNESCO, BBC WST, 2008. 41 p.
Amiel, Sandrine
Grigorian, Mark
Lawler, Jeanne
Schenkel, Nora T.
Sewell, Helen
British Broadcasting Company World Service Trust
In Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia a general lack of HIV and AIDS coverage currently exists while HIV rates are rising throughout the broader region. What's more, the very complicated issues associated to HIV and AIDS have by some accounts created a greater need for specialist health reporters. The combination of these dilemmas in the South Caucasus requires an increase of coverage with a more thoughtful approach to reporting. While this manual will not make you a specialist health reporter, it will introduce particular methods of investigation stressing broad principles of professional ethics to produce more sensitive, in-depth, accurate, diversified and empowering reporting. Ultimately, this manual considers journalists' role in society in relation to HIV and AIDS. At the very least, reports should avoid causing further harm. Ideally, they may even contribute to the social changes needed to curb the epidemic. This manual is aimed at media professionals who want to develop their skills to produce accurate and quality reports on HIV and AIDS; reports that are sensitive to issues of culture, gender and human rights. The manual starts with the basic biology of HIV and AIDS, followed by an introduction to some of the broader societal conditions driving the epidemic. Potential story ideas are provided throughout and ethics and techniques within the context of the epidemic are reviewed. Journalism trainers can also use the manual for media training workshops on HIV and AIDS. Each Chapter contains specific suggestions for facilitators under the title "Tips for Trainers". This manual is meant as a starting point for media professionals in understanding how HIV is driven by societal factors. Quality and diversified coverage of the epidemic ultimately relies on the skills and ability of media professionals to produce in-depth and investigative reporting on these issues.
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