Aachen: Bischöfliches Hilfswerk Misereor e.V., 2011. 135 p.
Onipede, Iris
Schmitt, Ellen
2nd Revised edition
This guide is intended for managers and field staff of development projects supported by Misereor. It also addresses other development agencies and a wider public interested in HIV/AIDS mainstreaming. The guide provides comprehensive information on HIV/AIDS mainstreaming and shows how to translate the mainstreaming approach into practice. Many of the examples and explanations refer to Africa; nevertheless the guide is designed to be used also in Asian and Latin American countries. The guide is structured as follows: Chapter 1: Responding to HIV and AIDS. Background to the HIV/AIDS mainstreaming concept. Chapter 2: Root causes of HIV infection and effects of HIV and AIDS. Overview of root causes contributing to HIV infection and the effects of HIV and AIDS, and examples of (unintended) negative implications of project activities. Chapter 3: Mainstreaming: A practical guide. Step-by-step approach to identifying suitable areas for HIV/AIDS mainstreaming, planning of HIV/AIDS mainstreaming, monitoring and evaluation. Chapter 4: Good practice examples of HIV/AIDS mainstreaming. Practical examples from 12 areas of development activities. Chapter 5: Seeking pathways within and beyond your organization. Networking, lobbying and advocacy in the HIV/AIDS mainstreaming process; the rights-based approach, universal access, traditional medicine, the church, and social protection schemes with regard to HIV and AIDS. Appendix 1: Glossary. Helps you understand the jargon surrounding HIV and AIDS and the terms used in this book. Appendix 2: Basic knowledge on HIV and AIDS. The technical details you need to know about HIV and AIDS.
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