Eschborn: GTZ, 2009. 20 p.
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A response to HIV and AIDS. Examples of successful HIV prevention in Eastern Europe, South-East Europe and Central Asia (in Russian)
Eine Antwort auf HIV und AIDS. Beispiele für erfolgreiche HIV-Prävention in Osteuropa, Südosteuropa und Zentralasien
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit, GTZ
HIV is a threat to development, especially in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. German development policy is active in this region to find a joint response to HIV and AIDS and to contain the epidemic. Some of its most successful approaches are presented in this report. The main difference between HIV epidemics in Eastern Europe and those in Africa, Western Europe and North America is in the transmission routes that are most common, i.e. via sexual transmission or via shared use of non-sterile injecting equipment. Another difference is the particular vulnerability of certain social groups. However, there are, differences as well in how the epidemic is dealt with politically and socially in terms of the national prevention strategies, access to treatment and respect for the human rights of affected persons (e.g. compulsory measures versus voluntary participation). This document gives an overview of the situation.
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