Brasilia: UNESCO, Brazil. Ministry of Health, 2005. 680 p.
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Respuestas a los desafíos del SIDA en Brasil: límites y posibilidades
Respostas aos desafios da AIDS no Brasil: limites e possibilidades
Castro, Mary Garcia
da Silva, Lorena Bernadete
UNESCO Office Brasilia
Brazil. Ministry of Health
The general purpose of this survey is to register the roles carried out by different participants in the Brazilian response to the AIDS challenge. Such participants include the state at both the local and national levels, and international agencies as UNESCO, in particular. Above all, the survey intends to assess the impact of actions performed by civil society entities engaged in AIDS-related actions, mainly those supported by UNESCO and UNODC. This survey is a joint work by UNESCO/Ministry of Health National Program on STD and AIDS.
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