Sarajevo: UNICEF, 2007. 53 p.
Krinic-Zita, Ljiljana
The primary aim of this analysis is to make a cross section of the present legislation with respect to adolescents' access to health care, services and information related to the protection against HIV infection and other STIs. This document also analyses the practice with respect to the implementation of the present legislation in the territory of B&H. The analysis of legislation is structured according to the administrative division of the country into two entities (the Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH, which is further divided into 10 Cantons) and the Brcko District. This has led us to analyze all relevant legislation at the levels of the state, entities, Brcko District, as well as Cantonal Constitutions with respect to the protection of fundamental human rights. Generally speaking, the legislation analyzed guarantees the highest standard of the protection of human rights and of the rights relevant for this analysis, such as the rights to health care, privacy and information. At the same time, however, the analysis of the practice has shown that this practice is not consistent in all parts of B&H, which in itself leads to discrimination. Differences are present not only between the entities and the District, but also between cantons in one of the entities.
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