Institute for Democracy in South Africa, IDASA, 2006. 40 p.
Ndlovu, Nhlanhla
Daswa, Rabelani
Institute for Democracy in South Africa, IDASA
Occasional papers
In light of the HIV and AIDS situation in the Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Africa in particular, there is an urgent need for governments to roll out the anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs to people living with HIV and AIDS. The South African government is obliged to strengthen its HIV and AIDS interventions for the majority of citizens accessing health services in the public sector. The South African government must as a matter of urgency develop and utilise effective monitoring and evaluating systems to validate the effectiveness and efficiency of its responses to the epidemic. The large number of people living with HIV and AIDS, estimated at 6 million, also need ARV treatment to prolong their lives and to reduce morbidity and mortality rates. Such improved government response would eventually reduce the socio-economic impact of the epidemic in South Africa.
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