New York, Washington D.C.: Human Rights First, 2012. 102 p.
Human Rights First
In this report, Human Rights First has provided a comprehensive road map of practical steps that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the U.S. government, host states, and other key actors should take to protect LGBTI refugees from violence and provide them with equal access to protection and effective durable solutions. This road map will be particularly useful as UNHCR, U.S. agencies, and other actors take steps to implement commitments to address the gaps in protection facing vulnerable LGBTI refugees. While this report was informed by research in East Africa, many of the recommended measures can be replicated in other places where LGBTI refugees face serious protection challenges. The measures outlined in this report will also help improve the protection environment in host states over the longer term, while addressing the dire threats to the safety of individual refugees now.
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