Los Altos, CA: PASHA, 1999. 1 case
Basen-Engquist, Karen
Contents:-No. 1. PASHA user's guide: User's guide to the Safer Sex Efficacy Workshop.-No. 2.1. Program materials: Safer Sex Efficacy Workshop Instructor's handbook (one blue booklet).-No. 2.2. HIV infection and AIDS: what everyone should know (pamphlets).-No. 2.3. Sexually transmitted disease: what everyone should know (pamphlets).-No. 2.4. Making sex safer (pamphlets).-No. 3. Evaluation materials.-No. 3.1. Original evaluation instruments: values, attitudes and intentions inventory (one yellow packet).-No. 3.2. Original evaluation instruments: behavior questionnaire (on yellow packet).-No. 3.3. Prevention Minimum Evaluation Data Set (PMEDS) (one green booklet) plus one 3x5 in. diskette attach to the back cover.-No. 3.4. Local evaluation consultant network directory (one beige booklet)
The kit was designed as a three-hour workshop to increase college students' self-efficacy, or belief in their own ability to act successfully to prevent HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
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