India: Population Council, 2008. 102 p.
Population Council/Horizons
Committee of Resource Organizations For Literacy, CORO
Instituto Promundo
This Manual has been adapted from a program entitled Program M (working with young women), also available in this database, that was developed in Brazil by Instituto Promundo and partners and from the Leadership Training Program for Women developed by CORO for Literacy in Mumbai.
Sakhi Saheli: Promoting Gender Equity and Empowering Young Women - a Training Manual has been developed by CORO for Literacy and Horizons/Population Council with support from Instituto Promundo. The Manual is an important resource for those who work with young females to prevent HIV infection and sexual and reproductive health problems. It was prepared through a two-year long participatory process that involved young women as leaders in the design and implementation of program activities that were subsequently validated through community-based research undertaken in urban slum communities of India. This Manual aims to promote critical reflection among young women to recognize and understand how gender normative attitudes and behaviors affect their everyday lives and can result in increasing their vulnerability to HIV and other reproductive health problems. This training initiative provides a space to young women and girls to question and challenge existing inequitable gender norms; promote positive constructs of gender and identity; improve their understanding about their body, their feelings and sexuality; and promote sexual and reproductive health. In this Manual, HIV prevention is addressed within the larger framework of gender construct and relationships. Activities discussed in the Manual are organized around five key themes: (1) gender and identity; (2) sexuality, reproductive health and rights; (3) violence; (4) motherhood and care-giving; and (5) preventing and living with HIV and AIDS. The Manual includes practical exercises that were developed through group educational programs conducted by young women leaders to engage their peers in critically examining and thinking about these issues.
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