2012. 358 p.
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Manuel SAVE : guide pratique pour la méthode de prévention SAVE
Save the Children
Christian Aid
Church of Sweden
Second edition
There are many resources today for trainers and individuals on HIV responses. What then makes this toolkit different and why is the audience both leaders within faith communities and broader society as they engage together in responses to HIV? In answer to the first question, most materials on HIV prevention ignore or underplay the impact of stigma, shame, denial, discrimination, inaction and misaction (SSDDIM). There is an assumption that if people are given the appropriate scientific knowledge, these issues will diminish. People at the forefront of the pandemic of responding to HIV will attest that this mentality is false. The toolkit provides space to highlight certain aspects of SSDDIM. Through action guided by prayer and meditation, the impact of stigma and ways to challenge it remains at the forefront of the training. (from Introduction)
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