2008. 9 p.
Sefhedi, Sheila
Montsi, Mercy
Mpofu, Elias
Periodical title: 
Perspectives in education, 26 (1), 63-71
This exploratory study describes the provision of HIV & AIDS counselling services in Botswana junior secondary schools as perceived by teachers. A total of 45 teachers (age range = 20-55; teaching experience range = 0-21 years) from three schools participated. The participants completed a questionnaire on the types of HIV & AIDS-related counselling services provided in the junior secondary schools services, their self-rated HIV & AIDS counselling training needs and their perceived importance of the HIV & AIDS-related counselling services. Descriptive statistical analysis revealed a broad range of HIV & AIDS-related counselling services including life-skills education, care and support education and stigma reduction counselling. Teachers perceived a greater need for training in HIV & AIDS counselling skills and also in the use of information technology to support counselling.
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