Gaborone: National AIDS Coordinating Agency, NACA, 2009. 48
Botswana. National AIDS Coordinating Agency, NACA
The purpose of this document is to outline the national priorities for the national response to HIV and AIDS for the period 2010 to 2016. These priorities are based on the evidence accumulated locally and are augmented by international best practices. The overall philosophy behind the Second National Strategic Framework is one of prioritization, focus, and intensification. The overall Goal of the national response is the Prevention of New HIV Infection by 2016 and efforts in each of these priority areas are critical to achieving it. The Overall Strategic Objectives of the national response under the second National Strategic Framework for HIV and AIDS, 2010-2016 that make a contribution to the goal are: 1. To reduce the incidence of sexual transmission of HIV among females and males aged 10-49 years. 2. To increase access to health care services for HIV prevention. 3. To strengthen community and health systems capacity for Universal Access to quality, comprehensive and sustainable HIV and AIDS services. 4. To effectively coordinate, harmonize and align stakeholder support to the national response at all levels. 5. To strengthen and sustain political leadership and commitment on HIV and AIDS at all levels. 6. To improve the ethical and legal environment to support the national response. 7. To strengthen the information management system of the national response to enhance information sharing and utilisation. 8. To increase access to HIV and AIDS comprehensive quality treatment, care and support services.
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