Commission on HIV/AIDS and governance in Africa, 2008. 280 p.
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Préservons notre avenir. Rapport de la Commission du VIH/Sida et de la gouvernance en Afrique
United Nations. Economic Commission for Africa
Commission on HIV/AIDS and governance in Africa
The Commission on HIV/AIDS and Governance in Africa (CHGA) was launched by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to address the urgent and unique challenges posed by the multiple ways in which the HIV/ AIDS epidemic impacts upon development and governance on the continent of Africa. This report presents the findings, recommendations and action plan proposed by the Commission. It delivers eight key messages and recommandations: 1. There are multiple AIDS epidemics in Africa, 2. The epidemics in Africa reflect a strong gender disparity, 3. The growing number of children infected and affected by HIV presents a challenge, 4. Prevention must remain priority, 5. Inadequate human resources constrains treatment and care, 6. AIDS financing needs to be coordinated, predictable, long term and transparent, 7. Leadership at all levels needs to be reinvigorated and sustained as part of a coordinated response, 8. The ultimate goal of good governance should be the creation of an enabling environment in which every citizen becomes part of the national AIDS response and the state is able to maintain efficient public institutions.
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