London: NCB, 2009. 38 p.
Ellis, Anthony
Pagarani, Deepa
Fauth, Becky
National Children's Bureau, NCB
The present study is exploratory in nature, examining SRE in FE settings from the perspective of both student service managers (or a comparable person) within colleges as well as students. The authors describe trends in SRE across colleges as well as areas for improvement. More specifically, they examine the following research questions: To what extent is SRE available in FE and sixth form colleges? Which FE students receive SRE? What are the core SRE topic areas for 16-19-year-olds and are these being delivered? What is the format of SRE delivery? How does SRE for 16-19-year-olds differ from that for school-aged young people? How is SRE in FE managed, taught and supported? Are young people satisfied with what is delivered in their college? How can SRE in FE be improved?
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