ICRW, 2009. 40 p.
Ogden, Jessica
Warner, Ann
Rao Gupta, Geeta
International Center for Research on Women, ICRW
A meeting, Sex, Rights and the Law in a World with AIDS, was convened by several organizations to explore why the AIDS response has made relatively little progress on the prevention of sexually transmitted HIV, and what should be done to ensure a more effective long-term response. The meeting was organized for aids2031, a two-year initiative that is exploring what must be done now to change the face of AIDS in the year 2031, 50 years after the discovery of the first cases of AIDS. This document synthesizes the presentations and discussions, offers a broad framework for understanding and addressing sexuality- and gender-related HIV vulnerability, and provides recommendations on priority actions to be taken to reduce those vulnerabilities and foster resilience in the context of a long-term response to AIDS.
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