Windhoek: UNAIDS, UNFPA, 2012. 23 p.
Greenall, Matthew
Namibia’s National Strategic Framework for HIV and AIDS 2010/11-2015/16 emphasises the importance of programmes aimed at most at risk populations, including sex workers. However, research aimed at understanding the realities faced by sex workers in Namibia and the effects of HIV on them, and HIV-related programming targeting sex workers, have been relatively limited to date. In order to contribute to strengthening HIV programming with sex workers, UNFPA Namibia has obtained Programme Acceleration Funding (PAF) from UNAIDS. The purpose of this strategic funding is to improve the reproductive and sexual rights of sex workers in Namibia, through three specific outcomes: 1. Strengthened evidence base to guide a coordinated response for sex workers. 2. Strengthened national network capacitated to represent sex workers in the national coordination mechanisms of the AIDS response. 3. Increased awareness and advocacy around human rights and legal issues that pose barriers to key populations fully accessing services. These outcomes will be achieved by: Conducting a literature review on sex work in Namibia including a mapping of key stakeholders in relation to sex work; Conducting qualitative research focussed on health seeking behaviours and access to health, social and legal services for sex workers; Conducting a national workshop aimed at influencing practice on HIV programming for sex workers. The current document incorporates the literature review and mapping of key stakeholders.
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