United States Agency for International Development, USAID, The Ford Foundation, 2008. 21 p.
Birungi, Harriet
Mugisha, John Frank
Nyombi, Juliana
Obare, Francis
Evelia, Humphres
Nyinkavu, Hannington
USA. Frontiers in Reproductive Health (FRONTIERS), Population Council
Uganda. The AIDS Support Organization, TASO
Sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents perinatally infected with HIV in Uganda is a study implemented jointly by Population Council's Frontiers in Reproductive Health (FRONTIERS) and the AIDS Support Organization (TASO) from Uganda, in 2008. The document addresses the specific sexual and reproductive needs of the adolescents perinatally infected, an increasing population largely forgotten the HIV/AIDS treatment, care, education and support programs. Indeed, most programs assume that HIV-infected young people remain asexual and they are advised not to engage in sexual relationships. The document refers to a sampling of 732 perinatally HIV infected girls and boys aged 15-19 years in fours districts of Uganda. Its aims was to better understand the reproductive health and sexuality (desires, experiences, beliefs, values and practices) of this population group, and to identify anxieties or fears they have around growing up, love and loving, dating pregnancy, fatherhood, motherhood, relationships and intimacy that could be addressed through programmatic solutions to their unique needs.
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