Calabar: Clear Lines Publications, 2009. 42 p.
Madunagu, Benedicte E.
Bassey, Ndodeye
Girls' Power Initiative, GPI
Sexuality Education Series for Young Persons
Sexuality Education Series for Young Persons, No. 6: Foundations of Human Sexuality Education is a document produced by B. Madunagu and N. Bassey in collaboration with GPI (Girls' Power Initiative) in 2007 in accordance to the Sexuality, Family Life & HIV/AIDS Education curriculum in Nigeria. The document is the 6th in the Sexuality Education Series for young persons and has been produced. The document condemns the taboo regarding any questions around human sexuality. The essence of the document is to discuss, why the discomforts, how has this affected our children and hoe will this affect those yet to be born and finally, what can, or should be done. It promotes communication between parents and adolescents in order to avoid silence. It aims to provide simple information regarding human sexuality that parents can easily consult to help their children going trough puberty and becoming responsible adults. The document is divided into 5 chapters: (i) Human sexuality education: What, Why and How ? (ii) The value of sexuality education for young people, (iii) Why the discomforts in communicating sexuality with young people?, (iv) Clarifying you values and developing positive attitudes, (v) Increase in consciousness on the violation of women's rights. The document also provides the appendixes: (i) glossary, (ii) Profile of GPI Nigeria, (iii) Some important accomplishments of GPI and (iv) research and publications. The document is developed mainly for parents and adults who have to deal with youth interrogations, in order to enhance en facilitate communication around issues of human development of human sexuality.
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