1991. 13 p.
Gasch, Helen
Poulson, Michael D.
Fullilove, Robert E.
Fullilove, Mindy Thompson
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The Journal of Negro Education
AIDS education must be tailored to the target community's needs. A three-pronged approach is needed to mitigate the AIDS epidemic within the African American community. Firstly, the notion that AIDS and the drug abuse epidemics are a conspiracy must be dispelled and converted into a movement to save African Americans. Secondly, African American men and women, separately then together, must take responsibility for the gender role changes that have encouraged HIV and STI infections. Thirdly, interventions must be based on an understanding of how ecological decline has affected black communities and limited the creation of efficient health and wellbeing promotion programs. Programs should also have these aspects: gender-specific approaches to promote community dialogue, promotion of self-efficacy (belief it one's ability to exert control over one's life) among black women through seminars, and promotion of personal and social responsibility among men.
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