2002. 126 p.
Sierra Leone. Government
Sierra Leone HIV/AIDS Response Project, SHARP
In West Africa, this disease is also spreading at an alarming rate. The situation in Sierra Leone is not as bad as elsewhere but the rate of increase each year is alarming. The Government of Sierra Leone is taking immediate action to curtail the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country. One of these actions is the HIV/AIDS Response Project or SHARP. SHARP is designed to have four major components : Capacity Building and Policy Development, Multi-Sectoral Responses for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, Health Sector Responses, Community and Civil Society Initiatives (CCSI). It is only the 4th component that will be treated in this manual. This component will support all initiatives undertaken by the Civil Society Organizations, groups and associations who would undertake community based initiatives related to HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support for the people living with HIV/AIDS and their dependents. This manual provides overall information about the Community and Civil Society Initiatives (CCSI) component of the Sierra Leone HIV/AIDS Response Project (SHARP); It describes procedures for applicants who want to apply for funds to undertake community based activities relevant to HIV and AIDS; It presents selection criteria and the process which will be applied to appraise community based HIV/AIDS related projects; It provides necessary forms to prepare, implement and monitor community based activities.
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