National HIV/AIDS Secretariat, 2008. 20 p.
Sierra Leone. National HIV/AIDS Secretariat
The goal of this action plan is to provide a framework that would ccontribute to the reduction of HIV/AIDS in the world of work and on its adverse consequences through the enhancement of workplace prevention, treatment and care interventions. By the end of 2012, the following objectives are to be achieved: 1. An enabling environment which promote workplace responses to HIV/AIDS would have been created; 2. Reduction in new HIV infections among Sierra Leonean workers through the promotion of workplace prevention programme to HIV/AIDS; 3. Zero tolerance to employment-related stigma and discrimination; 4. Improved care, support and treatment for workers living with HIV and AIDS; 5. Tripartite and bi-partite constituents active in HIV/AIDS workplace responses; 6. Adequate resources mobilized for workplace responses to HIV/AIDS; 7. Research, monitoring and evaluation of workplace responses to HIV/AIDS become an integral part of the national response.
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