National HIV/AIDS Secretariat, 2006. 25 p.
Sierra Leone. National HIV/AIDS Secretariat
<p>This policy will guide the national response to HIV/AIDS in the world of work. It is a framework for action at the workplace to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, to manage its impact and ensure the best possible outcomes for workers, employees and the nation in this context. The broad objectives of this policy are to: prevent HIV/AIDS spread among workers; provide protection from discrimination in the workplace to people living with HIV/AIDS; provide care, support and counselling for those infected and affected at the workplace; facilitate the establishment of workplace responses to HIV/AIDS in all workplaces in the formal and informal sectors; build the capacity of workplace management and workers in handling HIV/AIDS issues in the workplace. This policy shall apply to: all employers; all employees and prospective employees; all workplaces and contracts of employment; all human resource policies and practices of any organization; all self employed persons and workers in the informal sector.</p>
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