2000. 29 p.
UNICEF Somalia
The situation analysis was conducted to describe the access and the availability of STDs, HIV and AIDS programme services in Somalia during the period September - October, 2000. The study was conducted by a consultant for UNICEF Somalia and financed by UNICEF. The study collected information from a total of 28 Non Governmental Organizations and International Agencies working in Somalia. Some of these NGOs and International Agencies are based in Nairobi. The study used a set of structured self-administered questionnaires. The regions covered by the study include: Benadir, Beletweyn, Hudur, Baidoa and Berdera in the Central and Southern zone; Bossaso, Garowe and Galkaio in Puntland (NE zone); and Boroma and Hargeisa in Somaliland (NW zone). More than 40 questionnaires were distributed to the NGOs and Agencies but only 28 were returned before the deadline. Of the 28 questionnaires that were returned, only 23 were adequately completed. The situation analysis covered in this preliminary report is therefore based on only 23 questionnaires with complete information.
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