Pretoria: Centre for the Study of AIDS, 2003. 18 p.
POLICY Project
University of Pretoria, Centre for the Study of AIDS
United States Agency for International Development, USAID
South Africa. Department of Health, HIV/AIDS and TB Directorate
It is very important to address HIV/AIDS stigma in order to improve the quality of the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS and to address prevention effectively. Powerful negative metaphors related to HIV/AIDS reinforce stigma and create a sense of otherness. Othering occurs when blame and shame are assigned to people living with HIV/AIDS. This sets a moral tone that contributes towards people conceptualising PLHAs as different, and guides thinking toward a "them" and "us" division. When this division occurs, a person is less likely to identify with the other group, in this case PLHAs.The purpose of these guidelines is: to share the findings of the Siyam'kela research report in a user-friendly way; to provide recommendations on training for PLHAs to strengthen their media advocacy roles in stigma mitigation.
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