Washington DC: IFPRI, 2012. 237 p.
Adato, Michelle
Bassett, Lucy
International Food Policy Research Institute, IFPRI
Based on a review of over 300 documents, this monograph examines how social protection can be used to protect children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. It reviews evidence on the impacts of 10 unconditional cash transfer (UCT) programs in southern and East Africa and 10 conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs in Latin America. The monograph also reviews key policy debates relevant to program design, including targeting, examining debates about directly targeting AIDS-affected individuals versus poor families and assessing alternative targeting methods, as well as debates around conditionality, considering the advantages and risks of conditioning benefits on participation in services in heavily AIDS-affected contexts. In addition to cash transfers, the monograph also considers the relative strengths and weaknesses of food transfers and nutrition programs, public works, and micro- credit and livelihoods programs, as well as social services.
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