Houghton: Soul City, 2003. 112 p., illus.
Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication
Southern African Development Community, SADC
South Africa. Department of Education
This document was developed as part of a multi-media education programme (Soul Buddyz) which includes this book and a television/radio series. It is aimed at children from 8 to 14 years old. This book is designed as a classroom resource for use in grade seven. Unit 7: "Children can do something about HIV and AIDS" particularly deals with the issue of HIV and AIDS. It is divided into four notions: knowledge, skills, values, attitudes; the assessment of this chapter is to describe strategies for living with diseases including HIV and AIDS. It contains facts about HIV and AIDS, real stories about discrimination, tips for caring for a person affected by AIDS and a teachers' section. The textbook contains 11 units that deal with different topics such as discrimination, alcohol, smoking, disabilities, differences and environment.
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