Robinson, Kerry H.
Ferfolja, Tania
Goldstein, Tara
Periodical title: 
Teaching Education, Vol. 15, No. 1
This special issue focuses on one particular field of social justice; that is, anti-homophobia education. The various papers included explore how antihomophobia education is being approached in some teacher education programs and in the broader field of education in regions of Australia and Canada. It provides a glimpse of how teacher educators and educators more generally are trying to counteract, disrupt and challenge the homophobia and heterosexism that prevail in educational contexts and in broader communities. This series of eclectic papers highlights the fact that there is a wide range of theoretical frameworks being utilised by educators doing anti-homophobia education. These include liberal humanism, critical theory, feminist poststructuralism, queer theory, psychology-based theories and psychoanalysis. Also, educators are attempting various innovative pedagogical approaches such as performed ethnography, deconstruction, processes of subjectification and online learning. All attempt to encourage a reflexive approach to the politics of identities. Thus, this special issue primarily aims to increase awareness of the seriousness of homophobia and heterosexism as critical issues impacting on the equity and quality of educational and career experiences of all teachers and students in schools.
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