Population Council, 2009. 38 p.
Obare, Francis
Birungi, Harriet
Katahoire, Anne R.
Nkayivu, Hannington
Kibenge, Aggrey David
Population Council
The objective of this study was to explore the special needs HIV positive young people in primary and secondary schools in Uganda with a view to identifying possible responses by the education sector to these needs. It was implemented by the Population Council in collaboration with the Child Health and Development Centre- Makerere University, The AIDS Support Organization (TASO)- Uganda, and the Ministry of Education- Uganda, through funding from the Ford Foundation. It involved a survey of 718 young people aged 12-19 years perinatally infected with HIV, in-depth interviews with 52 school officials, and 938 student essays on identified HIV/AIDS themes. Key findings include: Lack of adequate material support for schooling; Lack of proper mechanisms for health care in schools; Lack of training in HIV care and support for caregivers; Non disclosure of HIV status in school; Lack of support groups/clubs or services in school; Discrimination, stigma and physical abuse in schools.
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