2010. 52 p.
Ethiopia. Ministry of Women's Affairs
Ethiopia. Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office
The goal of OVC services in an effort to improve the general wellbeing of OVC. The objectives of the OVC Standard Service Delivery Guidelines include: To provide key OVC stakeholders with Standard Service Delivery Guidelines and an 1. implementation guide; To harmonize OVC service delivery thereby increasing access to and quality of care and 2. support; and to contribute to an OVC data management system for OVC issues. The OVC Standard Service Delivery Guidelines document has three parts. The first part deals with the background, guiding principles, and implementation at different levels. The second part of Service Standard Service Delivery Guidelines addresses the service components and standards with their respective dimensions of quality as well as identifying the critical minimum and additional activities which should be implemented. Part three of the Standard Service Delivery Guidelines covers monitoring and evaluation. The document provides the latest approaches for implementing Standard Service Delivery Guidelines for OVC. The recommendations in the document are based on a pilot exercise conducted in selected sites in Ethiopia, which was designed to test the feasibility of the standards. It also provides further information on the dimensions of quality for each service area.
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