Washington DC: World Bank, 2003. p. 32. , tabs., graphs.
Straight Talk Foundation (Uganda),World Bank
This programme is included in the Source Book of HIV/AIDS Prevention Program that presents 13 cases studies of good and promising practices of HIV/AIDS prevention programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. The aim of the 'Straight Talk Program' is to increase adolescents' and adults understanding of adolescent sexuality and reproductive health. It also aims to promote safer sex and the development of life skills, as well as to raise awareness of child and adolescent rights. The program targets 10-14 year olds with the 'Young Talk' newspaper and 15-19 year olds with the 'Straight Talk' newspaper. Both papers are delivered to schools and appear as supplements in a national Sunday newspaper. They are published monthly and discuss topics suggested by the readers themselves. They provide accurate and frank information and guidance on issues related to adolescent sexual and reproductive health. The Straight Talk Foundation also carries out school visits by a team of health experts and counsellors to help teachers and pupils devise a plan to make sure the adolescents remain healthy. They also conduct sensitization workshops with primary school teachers (and parents) to raise awareness of ASRH needs and services and to encourage them to discuss with young people.
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