Geneva: WHO, 2003. 29 p.
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Orientations stratégiques pour améliorer la santé et le développement des enfants et des adolescents
Orientaciones estratégicas para mejorar la salud y el desarrollo de los niños y los adolescentes
Strategic directions for improving the health and development of children and adolescents (in Arabic)
Стратегические направления улучшения здоровья и развития детей и подростков
The document summarizes priority areas for WHO action based on global evidence. Improving the health and development of children and adolescents means that WHO will need to shape its implementation of the strategy to the epidemiological needs of specific regions and countries. The strategy document proposes a flexible, country-specific approach that reflects and respects differences in epidemiology. In addition, it outlines a strategic framework that is based on equity, the life course, and a public health approach. It defines principles to guide the implementation. It is intended to contribute to the definition of a new and common agenda for children and adolescents with Member States and partners, and guide the work of the Organization with Member States.
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