Nairobi: Office of the First Lady, 2013. 27 p.
Kenya. Office of the First Lady
Kenya. National AIDS Control Council
President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, PEPFAR
The overall goal of the strategy is to mobilise and provide leadership towards ZERO new HIV infections and reduce the number of deaths among women and children in Kenya. This framework will provide guidance for the strategic engagement of the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya to catalyze action and accelerate the attainment of national and international commitments to HIV, maternal and child health targets. To catalyse and sustain on-going efforts in HIV, maternal and child health, the Office of the First Lady will focus on: 1. Accelerate Programs. Accelerated implementation of relevant policies and programs to increase access to HIV prevention, care and treatment services, maternal and child health interventions. 2. Influence investment. Advocacy for allocation of resources and strategic investment in high impact interventions to promote maternal and child health, HIV control, and strengthening of health systems to enhance service delivery. 3. Mobilise men. Mobilisation of men as clients, partners and agents of change in promoting uptake of HIV, maternal and child health services at family and community level. 4. Involve communities. Mobilisation of communities to address barriers to accessing HIV, maternal and child health services. 5. Provide leadership. Leadership, coordination, accountability and recognition to accelerate the attainment of HIV, Maternal and Child health targets.
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