Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, 2002. 43 p.
Swaziland. Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
Family Life Association of Swaziland
Overview report for youth in schools, youth out of schools, tertiary education students, military, Kombi drivers and assistants, long distance drivers (LDDs), seasonal workers, watchmen, police, female sex workers (FSWs), women factory workers, 2001/2002
The objectives of the BSS Round One in Swaziland were to: Help establish a monitoring system that will track behavioral trend data for high-risk and vulnerable target groups in Swaziland; Provide information on behavioral trends of key target groups in some catchment areas where HIV sentinel sero-surveillance is done; Provide information that will increase understanding of HIV prevalence trends over time; Provide information to guide the planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS/STI interventions; Provide evidence of the relative success of HIV prevention efforts taking place at selected sites; Obtain data in a standardized format, enabling comparison with other behavioral surveillance studies carried out in other countries.
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