London: HLSP Limited, 2008. 89 p.
Dickinson, Clare
Mudy, Jackie
Serlemitsos, Elizabeth
Whitelaw Jones, Janet
Strengthening the National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council (NAC) and supporting strategic HIV prevention, care and mitigation activities within the National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Framework, Zambia (STARZ)
This paper presents a synthesis of institutional arrangements and issues currently facing National AIDS Councils/Commissions (NACs) in 2007. In this paper the term National AIDS Council or Commission or NAC is used to describe a stand-alone institution, independent of a government ministry, and usually comprising a governance body (the Board) and an operational body (the Secretariat), which, taken together form the National AIDS Council or Commission (NAC). The paper is based on a process of literature review and informant interviews with agency-based and NAC staff and independent consultants familiar with NAC issues. Common features and emerging themes, identified through analysis of the country-specific data, are described below in relation to NAC institutional set up, structures, financing, and harmonisation and alignment. The paper is accompanied by a summary table (page 14) on institutional set up in all of the countries reviewed plus the remaining SADC countries (20 countries in total), and twelve country annexes. The information contained in the country annexes represents a snap shot of current institutional arrangements and issues as of October 2007.
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