2008. 47 p.
Herieka, Elbushra Ali Mohamed
Babiker, Zahir Osman Eltahir
Elgoni, Abdul-Karim
Hadi, Hamad Abdel
Sudan HIV/AIDS Working Group, SHAWG
HIV Training Workshop, Khartoum, Sudan, 3-11 August 2008, 2008
The Sudan HIV/AIDS Working Group (SHAWG) is a voluntary network of healthcare professionals with interest in HIV/AIDS. SHAWG was founded by Sudanese expatriates working as HIV specialists in the United Kingdom and South Africa and was officially launched in a press conference held in Khartoum on 10 August 2008. This report addresses the challenges and opportunities pertaining to the current level of support received by patients before and after being diagnosed with HIV in Sudan. The magnitude of support at community and hospital levels will be reviewed and a package of interventions proposed. This report contains information on the training workshop and recommandations and plans to scale up and promote services and to improve the quality of HIV services and patients care.
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